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Chris Manno

Writing and Cartoons 


Here are my cartoon collections. Of course, the air travel and flight crew collections are from firsthand experience: I've been an airline pilot for the world's largest airline for over 30 years.

The "Justice" collection stemmed from a 3 month Grand Jury term.

Finally, "Cartoons From The Edge" is non-PC, edgy stuff of life.

Below the covers are some new cartoons not yet in any collection. 



                                Justice: A Cartoon Anthology

If you're an attorney, a judge, a prosecutor or a defendant--you need this irreverent, insider view of the justice system at work. 

Signed copy only $7.99+ shipping (US only)!



A razor-sharp cartoon view of modern life, including millennials, parenting, relationships and more. This collection of the best, funniest, most un-PC cartoons is a must-have for all lovers of cutting edge cartoon art.

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A wicked, insider look at air travel. Impress your flight

crew, whether you're a passenger, pilot, or flight attendant--

you need this book!

Get your signed copy for $7.99+ shipping (US only)!

A few new cartoons: