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Let me join your discussion of Sanctuary MoonVoodoo Rush and East Jesus.

It's easy: let's set up a time that works for you, then through Skype or Google hangout, I'll join you.

I have lots of questions for you, and some answers, too. Use the "Contact" page and let's do this.

Here are some discussion questions for East Jesus readers:

  1. Who is Bean's father? It's never explicit in the story, but I have a hunch.
  2. How can a small town like Conroy or Dix be supportive of Travis, Bean and Shirl and at the same time, tolerate characters like Jesse and Ray Carlisle, and even Otis?
  3. Some critics have noted the landscape is almost a full character in the novel. How does the visual function of the weather and the landscape shape the story?
  4. How does Travis's notion of motherhood and parenthood differ from Shirl's, Janey's and Velma Ketterly's?
  5. Travis perceives three wars in progress: the Vietnam War in the news media (TV and newspaper), the war described by Bo's letters, and the war as Conroy (Carl, Mr. Mason, even Sue Ellen). How do those three "wars" reflect Travis's only desperate fights?

And I welcome any questions YOU may have--just use the "Contact" form.