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Mosby's weakness in the novel--and mine in real life: Voodoo Chips. Seriously..

Winner of the award for "Best Fiction 2018" from the N. Texas Book Festival!

Voodoo Rush --an action-adventure novel of New Orleans, The Bayou, the Mississippi, and the Carib.

The Louisiana Bayou explodes in a raging flash-fire of rival gangs, Haitian gun runners, rogue DEA agents and an elite hacker squad, all embroiled in a life-or-death fight. The Big Easy is the backdrop for this fast-paced story of desperate men, bold women and a thread of Voodoo stretching to the Caribbean and back.

Vivid characters, heart-pounding action and a wild ride you'll never forget.  Check out the photos of actually locations in Voodoo Rush below.

For a signed copy of Voodoo Rush, simply click the "Buy Now" button below to order securely through PayPal (note: shipping only to the US):

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How about a few photos from actual places in the novel?

The view from the Natchez steamboat on the Mississippi.

Here's a shot I took from the cockpit flying over Nawlins. See why it's called the Crescent City?

This is actually inside the Natchez engine room while we were under way.

Cafe au Lait and Beignets, of course. Panoramic below:

On Big Lou's Bayou Boat, seeing "gatuhs up close and puh-sonal."


Shrimp and Grits, my fave,  from Maglieaux's in Nachitoches, Louisiana.


Shrimp and Grits at Maspero's, where Avery, Moseby and Cassie visit Boucane.

Shrimp Tchefuncte, Brennan's Palace, New Orleans.


Boudin from Tommy's Gas and Meat, Krotz Springs, LA..


The bathroom in Tommy's where Moseby meets Lurch.


The town square in Oxford, Mississippi, near Ain't Bee's.